Iron Horse Neighborhood News
IHNA Meeting Notes 10/16/14

            The TPD gave a brief crime report on recent neighborhood activity. There have been three reported robberies in the past month. The three suspects tied to these three robberies have been arrested and are in the process of being prosecuted. A couple assaults have happened this month, and most of them have been due to the bar scene. The TPD is working with the Park Committee to try to get the graffiti removed from the neighborhood park. TPD encourages people to call the police right away if they witness someone putting graffiti on property. The officer that came to the meeting agreed to email the state office and try to get the street lights back on that have been off in the neighborhood.

            Keith Bagwell from the Pima County board of Supervisors, reported on the Bond Advisory Committee. If anyone is interested in helping with the open space issue, there will be an event on Friday, November 7th, at the River Park Inn. For more information on the issue, go to

The Mayor issued a proclamation that the Buffet Bar is officially 80 years old. On November first, there will be a celebration at the Buffet Bar from 1pm to 5pm. The Mayor will be speaking and reading the proclamation at 1pm. IHNA is planning a block party that will be held right after the Buffet Bar’s party. We will be lighting the restored Empire Market signs and possibly hiring a band to play. Candace from the Junction, Rick, William, and Mik are on the party planning committee.

            William from the Buffet Bar reported on the mural project. Below is a picture of the colorized picture of the mural design. The mural will be painted on the east wall of the Buffet Bar parking lot, and we are currently in the process of planning who will be painting the mural. We are considering asking Tucson High art students to come help paint the mural with a hired artist.  Erika motioned that we allocate 500$ to fund the construction of the mural. Marilyn seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

            Fluxx was at risk of imminent closure back in June, but was able to make it thorough. Dante reported that the Indigo campaign raised money to keep the doors open. The liquor laws have recently changed, and now small art groups need an official license, and are no longer allowed to accept beer and wine donations. Dante will be serving food at the Buffet Bar’s party on November 1st, and the cost of the food will go to Fluxx Studios. Erika made a motion to have a “Termination of 2014 Party” at Fluxx, on December 12th, after the street fair. The motion passed unanimously. The party will have music, food, and guests can either dress formal or informal.

            Jeremy, a new tenant within the neighborhood, won a 25$ gift certificate to The Hopyard. The Hopyard is located on 4th avenue, and offers sandwiches, salads, and also delivers! Marilyn from the Buffet Bar won another 25$ gift card to the Hopyard.

            Miss Peggy, a barmaid of 35 years and dear friend at the Buffet Bar passed away yesterday at 83. She retired at age 81. Marilyn said that Miss Peggy “had a heart of gold.”


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Neighborhood Meeting Notes, September 18th Meeting

Mik called the meeting to order.

Candace, the property manager of the junction, reported that the apartment complex is 95% full. Mik remarked that the residents seemed to have been very quiet and not causing any noise problems throughout the neighborhood so far. They have security guards that patrol 7 days a week, throughout the night.

William, owner of the Buffet Bar, reported on the mural project. The mural will be constructed on the east wall of the buffet bar. Last month, William showed us his sketch of the mural, which illustrated the historical aspects of the neighborhood. The neighborhood was planning on having the Tucson Arts Brigade construct the mural. However, since we already have a sketch constructed, William thinks that the 5,000$ they are charging will be a steep price. Rick C. brought up that it was suggested at the board meeting that we have the students in the Tucson High arts program paint the mural, and we make a donation to Tucson High in exchange for their help. We haven’t yet decided how the neighborhood will move forward with the mural project.

Rick reported on the reconstruction of the Empire Market signs. The painting of the signs has been slightly delayed due to the recent rain, but should be coming along soon. The Buffet Bar’s birthday party will be November 1st from 1pm to 5pm, so we are planning to incorporate the sign lighting party into the birthday party. The party (Candace form the Junction, Rick, William Mik) committee will be meeting in the following week to discuss the upcoming event.

Cyclovia will be taking place this November 2nd, from 10pm to 3pm. The starting point is 6th street and 6th avenue, and a mile and a half of public roads will be closed off for the event. During Cyclovia, anyone can bike, walk, skate, and participate in fun free activities while the roads are closed off.

Maria reported that she has witnessed people throwing trash in the chicanes. If you witness this or any other violation, you can call Code enforcement with the City of Tucson. The number is (520) 791-5843, and the call center is open from 9:30am to 4pm, Monday through Friday. You can also report a violation online at: <>

Mik and Erika reported on the fourth avenue underpass blockade. The southbound travel lane through the fourth avenue underpass will continue to be closed to traffic Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 9pm to 2am. For more information on the underpass closure, follow the link: <> We would like to hear any feedback you might have on the issue. Feel free to communicate through the neighborhood’s list serve.

Due to the 8th street drainage project, 8th street (Euclid to Bean) will become a 2 way street. This will hopefully release congestion in the area. The project is set to be finished in February.

Molly Thrasher, our representative and friend from the city council, is leaving for Australia. Diana Amado will be taking her place as council assistant, and attended the meeting as well. Coincidentally, Molly won the neighborhood’s monthly raffle! This month we raffled off two 25$ gift cards to Tucson Thrift, in honor of Halloween. New neighborhood resident Shawn won the second gift card!

The meeting was adjourned.

Meeting Agenda for September 18th

Iron Horse Neighborhood Association Agenda Date:  9/18/2014

6:30-6:40 PM Introductions

6:40-6:50 Crime report

6:50-6:55 The Junction update

6:55-7:05 Craig G and Marilyn with mural project

7:05-7:10 Food Enroute Farmers Market

7:10-7:15 Block Party/Sign Lighting

7:15-7:20 Incorporation for 501 C3 Status

7:20-7:25 Christi Cisek with Johnnie Gibson Gym (tabled until next meeting)

7:25-7:30 Cyclovia

7:30-7:35 Treasurer’s Report

7:35-7:40 Basketball Court Update

7:40-7:45 Fourth Ave underpass blockade Thurs, Fri, Sat night

7:45-7:50 CCRC

7:50-7:55 Downtown Residents Council (Marylyn)

7:55-8:00 Garden Report        

Fourth Avenue Underpass Closure

The following is information from the city on the closure of the fourth avenue underpass due to traffic. 

The City of Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT) will again closethe southbound travel lane through the Fourth Avenue Underpass at Ninth Street. Last week’s traffic control change significantly decreased the gridlock at the Congress Street/Toole Avenue/Fourth Avenue intersection. Please note that the northbound travel lane through the underpass will remain open to all modes of travel. The southbound lane closure will take place on Thursday, August 28, Friday, August 29 and Saturday, August 30 from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. During the closure, the Sun Link Streetcar and bicyclists will be allowed to use the southbound travel lane through the underpass, and pedestrians will be allowed to use the southbound sidewalk through the underpass. Motorists will be detoured at Ninth Street west to Stevens Avenue, north on Fifth Avenue to Seventh Street. Motorists can then travel south on Sixth Avenue to access Downtown. Eastbound travel on Ninth Street at Fourth Avenue will be restricted to “local traffic only” to lessen the traffic impacts to the adjacent neighborhood. Business access signs will be in place to inform motorists that businesses along Ninth Street remain open.
For the past several weeks, TDOT staff has been evaluating and
monitoring traffic volumes, traffic movements and pedestrian access at the Congress Street, Fourth Avenue and Toole Avenue intersection. The increased activity in the downtown area, specifically at the Congress/Fourth/Toole intersection, has caused vehicular gridlock conditions. TDOT staff made permanent traffic signal timing adjustments last week on Congress which improved traffic flows. Electronic message boards will be in place along Fourth Avenue to inform motorists of this weekend’s travel lane restriction. Motorists are urged to use caution when traveling along Fourth Avenue and in the downtown area due to the high volume of pedestrian activity in these entertainment districts.

Michael Graham
Public Information Officer
City of Tucson
Department of Transportation


IHNA August Meeting Notes

Mik called the meeting to order.

Justin from KGUN 9 news spoke about the streetcar traffic on Fourth Avenue. The new streetcar has been arriving late to stops due to high traffic in the downtown and Fourth Avenue area. In attempt to ease the traffic and get the streetcar to stops on time, the city is going to cut off traffic from entering the southbound lane of the underpass from the hours of 7pm to 2am. Part of the neighborhood meeting was filmed as Justin spoke about the upcoming event. A few neighborhood residents gave their opinions on camera. KGUN 9 will be airing this footage tonight, at 10PM.

A neighborhood crime update was given.  Most of the activity in the area lately has been proactive police work. In other news, a chair was stolen from the Coronado hotel.  

The Junction update was given by Candace, the property manager. Move in day was on Monday, and the Iron Horse Neighborhood Association had a booth to welcome new residents. There are only a few spaces left in the building. About 3 weeks ago, before there were any residents in the building, there was a break in. The Junction has a courtesy patrol company entitled Valley Protective Services, which patrol the building from 9pm to 5am. Candace supplied a number to call if anyone in the neighborhood needs to call in a noise complaint. This call will go to the patrol company. The number is 520-325-3717. If preferred, you can just call 911.

Erin Willet reported on behalf of the Southern Arizona Buffelgrass Coordination Center. She deals with informing neighborhoods on the negative impacts of buffelgrass and helping to get rid of the grass. For more information, go to

Resident Maria reported that the neighborhood needs a higher budget for cat food every month to feed to the feral cats. Rick made a motion to move the budget from 40$ to 50$ per month. Bill seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

A few months ago, a motion was passed to switch the neighborhood’s funds to a local bank. Erika reported that we need to fill out the appropriate paperwork to become a recognized legal entity.  Rick moved that we form an LLC, and Bill seconded it. The motion passed unanimously. Erika made a motion to approve a budget up to 250$ to finance it, and Rick seconded it. The motion carried unanimously.

The new Empire Market signs are still in the process of being restored. There will be a variety of colors in the signs, and there will also be a clock on the sign that will light up with neon backing.

Bill from the Empire Market debuted his superb drawing for the mural project. (Attached is a snapshot of the drawing). Iron Horse is managing funding on the mural.

Toby gave the garden report. The garden has received a lot of water due to the recent rain. There will be a garden cleanup party on Saturday, September 6th, at 9:30am. Rick advised that the over green mesquite trees in the garden need to be trimmed and pruned. Erika made a motion to approve up to 500$ to hire a gardener to prune the mesquite tree. The motion was seconded by Rick, and carried unanimously.

Lastly, we held the monthly raffle! Residents Derika and Maria both won 25$ gift certificates for Ordinary Bikes on 7th street. 


Tentative Meeting Agenda for August 21st

Iron Horse Neighborhood Association Agenda 

6:30-6:40 PM Introductions

6:40-6:50 Crime report

6:50-6:55 The Junction update

6:55-7:05 Craig G and Marilyn with mural project

7:05-7:10 Food Enroute Farmers Market

7:10-7:15 Block Party/Sign Lighting

7:15-7:20 Incorporation Vote for 501 C3 Status

7:20-7:25 Bufflegrass Presentation

7:25-7:35 New Boxyard project on 4th Ave

7:35-7:40 Basketball Court Update

7:40-7:45 Christi Cisek with Johnnie Gibson Gym

7:45-7:50 Treasurers Report

7:50-7:55 Downtown Residents Council (Marylyn)

7:55-8:00 Garden Report   

IHNA Meeting Notes, June

Mik called the meeting to order.            

Candace, the property manager of the Junction, reported on the recent developments of the building. They are finishing the interiors of the apartment, and the landscaping and pavement construction started today. Some residents will be moving in July for early move in.

            Eric and Mark Herman reported on their upcoming project, The Hermanos Wine Bar, which is set to open around this October. The brothers brought a sketch of a courtyard community amenity space they are planning to provide. The establishment will include a beer and wine bar, a kitchen, and a library in the back. They are currently waiting on their liquor license, and the hearing is scheduled for august 5th. Erika M. made a motion to draft a letter on behalf of the neighborhood in support of their liquor application. Rick C. seconded the motion, and the motion carried unanimously.

            The neighborhood association honored John Sedwick, executive director of Fourth Avenue Merchant’s Association, who is retiring this year. Erika M. presented Mr. Sedwick with a card signed by members of the Iron Horse community, and a 1940 edition of the book “Canary Row.” Erika said, “FAMA has been a true partner. We are an economically viable, sustained neighborhood, thanks to them.” Debbie Chandler, the new executive director of FAMA also came to speak. She thanked Mr. Sedwick and said she is “very impressed with the changes John has made” and “John has made 4th Avenue what it is.”

            There will be no Fourth of July party this year, due to a lack of volunteers. Last month, it was suggested by Mik that we transfer funds (2,000$) from the 4th of July party to a possible Block Party. This Block Party would take place on the street in front of Empire Market and the Buffet Bar. The party would be centered on the lighting of the Empire Market sign, which is set to be complete in late July. Andy M. raised the concern that the neighborhood would be spending a lot of money to promote a party that would be for the benefit of two merchants in the neighborhood. He also expressed concerns about noise, and said the event would be disruptive to him. He said that past events sponsored by the Buffet Bar have been disruptive. Mik W. brought up the fact that the Block Party was his idea, and that it wasn’t created by the Buffet Bar owners.Rick C. said that he never thought of the Block Party idea as a promotion of their business, but the historic element of the sign. Erika M. made a motion to plan the Block Party, and Marilyn seconded the motion. The motion passed, with 3 opposed. A committee was gathered to plan the party, including Rick C, Dante, Mik, and Erika. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us through the list serve: <>

            The Street Car Celebration is an event that will be taking place starting on Saturday, July 6th. The event theme will be a summer in the city celebration. All of the downtown neighborhoods will be involved, and saver cards will be sold for 5$ to support local merchants. For more information, go to <>

            Erika M. reported that in recognition of National Independents Week, Local First Arizona will honor locally owned businesses in Tucson from Sunday June 29th, to Sunday, July 6th. The kickoff party will begin on July 29th from 4pm to 8pm in downtown Tucson. Erika M. will be gibing away 50 free saver cards!

            Rick C. reported on the Broadway Widening Project. It has become a very controversial issue, because there isn’t a need to widen the street of Broadway like there was 20 years ago. Funding for this project has built up, but many people are feeling that not only is this project a waste of money, it would also demolish many historic buildings. Instead, the idea was brought up to do improvements on the street with bike stops, landscapes, ect. However, the RTA and the county are saying that they will no longer fund the project if the plan is changed.

In other news, Marilyn announced that the Buffet Bar’s 80th birthday party will be Saturday, November 1st!

Mik W. concluded the meeting. 

There will be no meeting in July. See you at the next meeting, on August 21st!  

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Noise Ordinance Changes

Steve K’s latest newsletter mentions that they are considering raising the noise ordinance levels, perhaps at the insistance of new bar HiFi. This could be bad news for our neighborhood.

Iron Horse Neighborhood Association Meeting May Notes

Mik W. called the meeting to order.

John with Buck development reported on behalf of the Junction. The building process is coming along on time, and new curbs and sidewalks will be coming in shortly. In the next 10 days or so, trucks will begin a hauling operation that may congest the road. The park district has awarded the contract for the basketball court.

            A permit for the Empire Market sign has been acquired and construction of the sign began this week, Rick C. reported.

            Last month we donated ½ of our tip money from the beer booth to Positively Beautiful, an organization for women who are living with HIV and aids. Rick C. started a motion that we donate the other 500$ of our tip money to Fluxx, which is in imminent danger of closing, and Erika W. seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

            Every year at the neighborhood’s Fourth of July party, Erika W. takes care of the party planning. This year she has a time conflict and needs a committee of about 5 people to volunteer to plan the party. Rick, and Melanie volunteered to help with the committee, but we still need 3 more volunteers. Erika suggested that our budget for the party (if it is able to take place) would not exceed 2000$. The motion was seconded by Jamie, and passed unanimously. If we don’t get at least five volunteers to help out with the planning committee, we wont be able to have the annual 4th of July party.

            Mik W. suggested that we examine the neighborhood bylaws because there are a few issues that are coming up with the current bylaws. Rick C. made a motion that we examine our bylaws, and the motion was seconded by Erika. The motion passed unanimously.

            Mik W. suggested that we consider making the neighborhood association a corporation. Erika suggested that we consult with a lawyer and made a motion that we pay up to 500$ to do so. The motion was seconded by Rick C. and passed unanimously.

            Mik brought up the idea of having a block party by the Buffet bar when the Empire Market sign is complete.  Rick suggested that we combine the 4th of July party with the block party if we don’t have enough volunteers for the 4th of July party. Mik suggested that we wait until the June neighborhood meeting to see if we have enough volunteers.

            The neighborhood used to send out quarterly newsletters to boost meeting attendance and keep people involved in the neighborhood association. Erika W. made a motion that we have a budget of 1000$ for a total of four mailings of a newsletter. Jenny started a motion that whoever writes the newsletter will receive 100$ per newsletter. Rick seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. Melanie (social media intern) took on the job of writing the newsletter.

            Toby reported that the garden clean up party was successful.

Eli W. and Andy M. both won 25$ gift cards to the Food Coop! There will be another raffle prize at our next meeting!

            The meeting was adjourned. 

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IHNA Meeting Agenda 5/15/14

6:30-6:40 PM Introductions

6:40-6:50 Crime report

6:50-7:00 The Junction update

7:00-7:05 Cause for Donating tp money (Fluxx via Kickstarter)

7:05-7:10 Fourth of July party (volunteers)

7:10-7:15 Examining Bylaws and Committee

7:15-7:20 Incorporation (Marylyn Can do)

7:20-7:25 Block Party/Sign Lighting

7:25-7:35 Quarterly newsletter

7:35-7:40 Watering chicanes

7:40-7:45 The Coronet/ Open Inn/ The Executive Apartments

7:45-7:50 Treasurers Report

7:50-7:55 CCRC

7:55-8:00 Garden Report